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tabi being a sparkly prince during Tazza promotions in Japan (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

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cr. wildandold


Ladies and gentlemen. Choi Seunghyun’s butt cheeks.


Anonymous: I see you're white, thats why youre being all butthurt by seeing all this "hate" which isnt even hate. keep spilling those white tears and ignoring the fact that kpop fans need someone to call them out on their bullshit they keep doing.

What does my ethnicity have to do with this? You are assuming that I’m white because…? If you took the time to read my post I was talking about how fans were arguing with each other, which can be classed as hate. Did you even read what I wrote or are you just here to vent your feelings?

I’m not spilling any tears and I’m definitely not butthurt. Ok congratulations on your quest to enlighten kpop fans, I really do hope you achieve something. Maybe you could start with some self reflection and realise that you’ll do more harm than good with that attitude.

Anonymous: What r u even talking about? These fucking kpop fans are full of shit, fetishizing Koreans and generally being dumb as fuck. You're one of them because you clearly don't understand why there's a problem.

Ok slow it down a second, what is the problem? By “fetishizing Koreans” do you mean appreciating Korean artists? Or are you talking about fancying them because they’re attractive individuals? I admit I know that some fans do go overboard sometimes but you have to remember that most people on the internet are children who don’t know any better. Instead of cursing and throwing a rant at me why don’t you actually try explaining what the problems are and how people can stop being “as dumb as fuck.” Like I said throwing more anger around won’t help anyone.

I was talking about people policing the fandom, how other fans have suddenly got this social duty to tell people how to behave all of the time. Hanging around the internet and ordering people about won’t change anything. If you feel wronged by kpop fans then why don’t you take the time to write about positive changes? Tell us how we can appreciate people of Korean descent without being so “offensive”. Please let me know.



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